Effective Solutions for Metal Cutting & Fabrication

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Resharpen Your Saw Blades To Save Money

Samurai-Quality sharpening by Grand Saw & Machine reduces the time between sharpenings, reducing down-time and saving you money.

Since 1970

Suppliers of Metal Sawing & Fabrication Tools

Saw Blades, Abrasives, Production Machines, Blade Sharpening, Lubricants & More

We are a Pittsburgh-based service provider that distributes a complete line of metal and wood sawing machinery including horizontal and vertical automatic band saws, circular saws, and abrasive cut off saws. We are experts in sharpening or repairing used blades. Let us know what you need and how we can help you.

Amada-Marvel Models VT4555

Band Saws

Our line of metal cutting bandsaws operate with maximum efficiency and precision, and they are exteremly safe for the operators. Have Grand Saw & Machine help you locate the best industrial-grade metal bandsaws for your application.

HydMech C350 Circular Cold Saw

Circular Saws

Cold saw machines are motor-driven circular saws with toothed cutting blades that are designed to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Get the best deals on Industrial Circular Saws from an Authorized Dealer like Grand Saw & Machine.

Everett Ind Oscillating Abrasive Cut-Off

Abrasive Saws

Abrasive Chop Saws are surpurb for cutting thin wall tubing and other small metal pieces. Abrasive Chop Saws are a cost effective way to quickly cut through many types of metal material. If you have any questions about your application, please contact us.

Marvel-Spartan Ironworker


Grand Saw & Machine can provide American made hydraulic ironworkers that are designed for various metal fabrication applications. Built to last, these Ironworkers are among the best in the industry with welded steel frames, efficient back gauges, & product guides.

HECK Bevel Mill 9000

Bevel Mills

Heck Model Bevel-Mills are Hand Held Bevelers that are proven effective for creating bevels and chamfers on all types of machinable material for weld prep. Beveling is one of the commonly used fabrication processes which help shape the sheet metal on edges, angles, and slopes.

CNC Blade Sharpening

Blade Sharpening

Many contractors make the mistake of replacing their cutting blades when they begin to dull, but this is a big waste of money. At Grand Saw & Machine we provide tool sharpening services that significantly prolongs the life of cutting blades, saving a significant amount of money.

Walter Abrasives

Abrasives & Grinding

Grand Saw provides abrasive cutting wheels that are engineered for the fastest and cleanest cuts possible. From 3” to 67” in diameter, our wheels can cut any type, size, and temperature of metal.

Sawing Fluids, Chemicals, & Liquids

Cutting Fluids

Cutting fluids increase tool life by cooling the cutting edge during cuts. Cutting fluids also decrease tool-chip friction by providing a lubricant between chip and tool. In general, Cutting fluids provide a better finish on the workpiece.

Blade Management Service

Leverage Our 50+ Years of experience in this industry

The team at Grand Saw & Machine have been in the sawing & metal fabrication business since the ’70’s. Leverage our experience for any ferrous or non-ferrous cutting or iron work help. Call us anytime.

We Represent The High-Quality Brands That Benefit Your Business